This region has undergone one more major transformation. Many villages were relocated under upper Krishna project. Although these areas are referred as Krishna valley and Ghataprabha valley, in reality these are vast stretches of flat tracks of agricultural lands. Since the villages are rehabilitated to the higher areas, the farmers are deprived of substantial acreage of highly productive land. This submerged land was the backbone of these villages on which they survived and all their activities were centered. Now having been deprived of their traditional resources, their attention is drawn to the adjoining forest resources.

The increase in human and livestock population mounted the pressure and added to the degradation of the ecosystem. Most life forms declined in numbers and few of them totally disappeared. Leopard which was a regular resident has been totally vanished. Wild boar, one of the hardy species, was almost on the brink of extinction. The newly introduced Eucalyptus did not help in any way. The major bird species like peafowl, grey partridge, sand grouse and quail that need a ground cover for nesting suffered the most. Remaining few Chinkaras were driven to remote corners.