There have been some reports regarding existence of Chinkara in Bilagi and Mudhol taluks of Bagalkot district. As for as the old record goes, the known southern most boundary of Chinkara distribution was little south of the Krishna River up to 16o North Latitude. It is learnt that the existence of Chinkara was roughly up to the Malaprabha left bank and was not seen in the old Mysore state. Probably very few people are aware of its presence in a remote corner of the new Mysore state or the present Karnataka state, more so because of its small numbers as well as of its shy and elusive nature. But up to late fifties or even early sixties, every local villager new about it, and it was very much a part of their daily lives. They were frequently sighted in the forest as well as in the cultivated fields on the edge of the forest. It was not uncommon to come across them as pets mixing with the domestic live stock.


The Chinkara a lovely gazelle which was reported earlier went missing post 1970 in the known locations of the State mainly the river basins of the Tungabhadra and Krishna and also a major portion of the Deccan Plateau of the North Karnataka districts like Raichur, Koppal, Gadag, Kalaburgi, Yadgir etc., Repeated survey for endangered species like Indian Wolf in the 1980’s and 1990’s did not yield a record of the Chinkara, so it was presumed to be locally extinct within Karnataka


            However the recent rediscovery n the scrub forests of Bilagi and Mudhol Ranges of the Bagalkot Division, if it sufficiently proved that there still exists the small and beautiful but elusive animal, Chinkara in a fairly small population. The administrative and vegetative maps of Bilagi and Mudhol Ranges are given in Plates 2 to 5. It is high time, the Chinkara and its habitat be preserved and conserved in its pristine form.